4 Tips to Link Building


Link building comes in handy when trying to build up domain authority with Google. Here are 4 tips on how to get started on the link building of a website:

  1. Build lists on your website, tips lists, quote lists, resource lists, and those you are linking to might like that you’ve listed them that they will give a link pointing back to your article.
  2. Be sure the content on your blog has quality content and information. Have new and interesting content will make other link to that blog because of the information that’s been provided in the blog.
  3. Hire a Quality Digital Marketing Agency. Having quality links to a website is more vital to domain authority then having a low-quality incoming link.
  4. SEO Link Building can be done by creating GOOD quality, newsworthy press releases. If there is something new going on in the business, submit a press release and PR site will pick it up and publish it and that links back to your website.
  5. Consider investing in SEO tracking software to monitor your backlinks.

There are obviously more tips and ways of creating incoming links to your site. But, this is a good start. Once you’ve started on this for your website business, depending on your industry, look at submitting to small directories or business listings. There are multiple ways of linking, but one this is for sure, if you do not start on building up links to your site your domain authority won’t increase. One thing that should be noted is that each page of a website can have a different ranking. So if there are more than your home page you want found, and then create links to your product page as well.