Waterjet Cutting and Its Creative Uses

With waterjet cutting a lot of things are made possible. Perhaps you have never thought that water is capable of slicing some sophisticated materials like steel slabs. There was even a case when a bone surgery was conducted which involved water as a cutting tool. Yes, all these are true. This is because when a jet of water is pressurized up to 50, 000 PSI, it becomes a very powerful slicing and cutting tool that can be utilized in numerous applications.

Water jet Cutter is also often used when drilling holes or when perforating a material. This makes it a highly-efficient cutting method compared to other heat-based methods like plasma cutting and lasers. The technology makes use of high-pressure water of a mixture (water and abrasives) to cut different materials.

Interestingly, this cutting technology has been around since 1970s. However, it was first used to cut wood fiber tubes only. But as time went by, it became the more preferred cold-cutting process, thus replacing machine and conventional cutting methods.

Some of the Main Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

  •         Does not contain toxic gases
  •         Can be slowed or stopped in between its process without damaging the material
  •         Can be operated on any point or part of the material
  •         It is isothermal
  •         It is dustless

Waterjet in Modern Industry

At present, numerous industries start to incorporate the technology in their cutting operations. For instance, in the aerospace industry that requires sophisticated operations, they make use of waterjets for cutting, shaping, and reaming intricate aerospace components.

In the mining industry also, jets of water are greatly helpful in drilling and cutting rocks and even used in coal mines.

Moreover, it is now possible to hygienically cut vegetables, meat, fruits, even cakes and breads. Since this does not involve mechanical contact, there is lesser possibility of food contamination. Jet water is very find and cuts quickly, thus the material does get wet or damp.

With its increasing popularity, so many establishments and institutions are starting to conduct research on the science of cutting that involves water jets. This leads the process to be more efficient and even useful in the future. With this advancement in cutting method, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this soon becomes the best alternative to traditional cutting methods, especially that it is not a polluting method.

There are numerous reputable firms that are even willing to offer competitive prices on a cutting service that uses water jets. This is because with the help of these water jets, these firms would be able to cut a variety of materials such as steel, plastics, aluminum, phenolics, concrete, titanium, granite, cork, marble, and so many others. They can basically generate more profit and reduce work time with this technology.