5 Reasons Why Jamboard App Is a Truly Collaborative App

As more companies are now relying more heavily on technology to conduct their business digitally, the Google Jamboard app is a cloud-based collaboration tool designed to help every business to keep up with such an environment.

Google Jamboard is an easy-to-use digital whiteboard for schools and businesses that allows for remote or face-to-face collaboration via desktop browser or a mobile app.

Jamboard App - Collaborative App

Here are the five reasons why the Jamboard app is considered the best business tool in team collaboration. 

Jamboard App Offers Real-Time Collaboration 

A brainstorming session is an essential activity for every business to get new business strategies and creative ideas. However, getting everyone in one place can be a little bit challenging, especially with the current work-from-home setup.

Jamboard is designed to address this challenge in this new business landscape. By using this tool, remote and real-time collaboration is made easy. With its 16 touch points at once on a single device, your entire team can collaborate and exchange ideas through their mobile device more effectively regardless of their location.

Keeps Record of Your Jam Sessions

With the traditional whiteboards, you need to screenshot some details during your brainstorming sessions to keep a record, which can be time-consuming.

But with the digital app, every jam session is recorded and automatically saved to the cloud that can be accessed by team members anytime.

Files can also be organized and downloaded as pdf to save the entire jam session making the whole team collaboration more productive with less time and effort.

Offers Endless Team Creativity

Team creativity during jam sessions is endless with Jamboard’s variety of built-in editing tools and markup features. Sticky notes are used to insert or add texts while the jam is in session instead of writing with your pen.

Photos and video clippings can be added directly from the internet or from your drive folder to make the session more creative and a lot of fun.

Simple and Easy-To-Use Interface

The app’s simple and easy interface makes it a better substitute for a traditional whiteboard. 

There is also a floating toolbar containing the pen tool, eraser, and laser tool that team members can easily locate when they want to draw or write something on the whiteboard. 

Undo and redo buttons are also available at the right bottom represented by two u-shaped arrows.

There’s also a menu option that you can tap if you want to export or share the current project or jam. 

Creates Instant Learning Environment

Limited or tight space in the office sometimes makes it impossible to host brainstorming meetings, but with jamboard, an instant learning environment is created. With its sleek and plug-and-play design, you can instantly transform any tight spaces where your team can be productive.

Overall, Google Jamboard is an efficient whiteboard app that gets the job done and improves team collaboration and creativity to new levels.