About US


Veterans In The SEO Industry

There are many hucksters and snake-oil salesmen out there, but few have the long-term relationships, the track record of achievement and the experience in the sheer amount of budgets managed that National Metrics does. While no one means to sell bad services, a lot of providers think they understand the “tricks” of getting sites to rank well in the search engine results or the right way to “buy” or “rent” links to help you move up in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). In this financial climate most small businesses don’t have time to let an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) learn on their dime and their time. Our dynamite staff consists of accomplished developers, technicians, and designers and we have consistent experience managing multi-million dollar clients and budgets. Our clients range from niche geo-centric retailers to international price-comparison engines, academic article warehouses and web 2.0 networking sites. We are already experts in the world of SEO.

Few word's about CEO

Elmer is the brains of the operation. In 2008 he was introduced to the wonders of internet marketing and has been hooked ever since. After years of experience Dino does a bang-up job getting small businesses exceptional, measurable results with internet marketing, he took the leap and started “Are You Ranking” Online Marketing in 2014. Elmer oversees SEO, online media buying, database marketing, and all the other geeky stuff that makes our clients money. When he’s not busy consulting, coding, coaching or otherwise optimizing, he spends his time with his beautiful wife and lovely two sons or working on his mad drum skills.

What's Our Secret?

Staying small. There is no room for fat in an industry that demands attention and understanding from the whole team in order to deliver effective, efficient products and processes. We select our customers as much as they select us and we charge what we believe is necessary to develop and deliver effective results. National Metrics is a boutique firm. That means in order to be effective we need to keep our client-to-technician ratio low.