3D Printing: Changing the World of Automotive Design

Since the early days, 3D printing in automobile production has witnessed unmatched market adoption. With the rising economic and environmental problems, there is a pressing need to reconsider how automobiles are made and manufactured.

The vehicle market should undoubtedly adapt to this change in paradigm promptly. This is where 3D printing in automotive style swiftly steps up. Such printers not only aid the visual layout of cars but also have the expertise to bring working models in document turnaround time. Three-dimensional printing in automotive design fosters technology, creative thinking, and limitless opportunities, equipping tomorrow’s transportation landscape.

Among the application sectors in which we locate additive production innovations, the automobile market is most capitalizing on them. AM permits big vehicle companies to minimize expenses, time, and weight when generating intricate parts. Furthermore, it likewise allows greater customization at the layout level.

3D printing

Benefits of 3D Printing in Automotive Design

3D printing has dramatically transformed how automobiles are developed, designed, and produced. Leading worldwide firms have lately begun to realize the business advantages of 3D printers in vehicle manufacturing beyond prototyping. 3D vehicle manufacturing and design printers can provide international vehicle manufacturers with the following benefits.

Rapid Prototyping

Among the advantages of 3D printers in automobiles, the layout enables quick prototyping in the pre-manufacturing phase. Companies have the opportunity of developing everything ranging from scale models right down to specific parts faster than ever before. Prototyping internally permits companies to regulate any Intellectual Property (IP) violations and information leakage

Reduced Turn-around Time

Time conserved in the prototyping phases substantially decreases turnaround time throughout all subsequent manufacturing stages. This adds terrific business value in terms of reduced expenses and agility.

Reduced Usage and Waste

3D printing in automotive design drives lower consumption and wastefulness, unlike the traditional methods of vehicle style. Knowing this can be efficiently leveraged in dropping the intake and waste of materials in all subsequent production phases.

Reduced Costs

Time and sources conserved in the numerous production phases lower the manufacturing price. Reducing expenses at every level enables firms to transfer a few cost-reduction advantages to the end-user.

Added Versatility

3D printers in automobile design encourage businesses to try numerous options and models right in development, bringing about optimal and efficient car layouts. Makers have the skill to make style modifications on the fly, helping them stay in tune with market requirements and ahead of the competition.

Industrial-grade 3D printers provide limitless application opportunities in auto style and production. Layout validation, functional prototyping, comfort designs, and establishing automation, 3D printers can constantly deliver in any of these applications—the aim is to cultivate imagination and advancement with our trustworthy, exact, consistent 3D printing remedies. In the years to come, we can expect to see more amazing things created with the help of such technology to make the world a much better place to live in.

Supplement your In-house Team with a Marketing Agency Melbourne

marketing agency Melbourne

So, you are determining if collaborating with a digital marketing firm is the right move for your organization. This is no small decision as well as often tends to be challenging if you already have an internal advertising and marketing group. Numerous producers with internal advertising and marketing groups find it hard to warrant utilizing a company, not only as a result of the cost but also the synchronization it will take. There are a lot of advantages of dealing with an electronic advertising and marketing firm that you may not have yet considered.

Working With a Marketing Agency Melbourne

Let the Experts be the Experts

A few of the very best success stories I have had with clients are those with an in-house advertising and marketing group. There is a mutual respect that the customer is the expert in their location of B2B advertising specialist in B2B electronic advertising and marketing. Our groups can interact toward the same objectives using a variety of networks. Sometimes It can be challenging for in-house teams “do it all,” so including an electronic company is an excellent method to supplement skill gaps and drive results economically.

Collaborating with a marketing agency Melbourne offers you the benefit of using numerous participants, each a specialist in their field. Not only are you able to collaborate with SEO Specialists, Paid Search Experts, as well as other digital marketing specialists, but electronic designers and developers too. Producers reap the benefits of having access to these groups for a much-reduced price than employing another permanent setting. Several producers do not have their in-house style group, forcing the advertising group to wear numerous hats.

Access to Digital Teams & Tools

Experience with numerous clients allows the company to discover and use knowledge from one customer to the following. As a team, we can work together to problem-solve and remain present on electronic advertising fads.

In addition to that, another benefit of collaborating with an electronic advertising agency is that these experts have accessibility to a range of sophisticated tools for much deeper study. Many of these devices are made for electronic marketing experts, and they can be pretty expensive for one business. Agencies utilize these numerous devices to aid plan and report on development in time.

marketing agency Melbourne

What Now?

If you remain in the middle of establishing if a marketing company is a suitable choice for your firm, below are a few actionable steps to aid you in your journey towards a digital advertising and marketing companion.

If you have your own team, hiring another one won’t hurt. In fact, it will only offer more advantages. Imagine being able to work with more people who have something great to contribute to your business. You will definitely be bound to succeed.

Is Commercial 3D Printer the Right Choice in Manufacturing?

Commercial 3D Printer

The manufacturer needs to assess the manufacturing expense fairly before switching from a conventional manufacturing procedure to 3D printing. For instance, injection molding is a standard method that produces the same items. It can provide an excellent outcome in a solo sitting of the manufacturing cycle. The existing shot molding arrangement is effective in this situation where mass manufacturing is needed for the same final products. But, if you require to tailor the products to match a client’s demand, a process such as 3D printing becomes a lot more feasible after that.

It is necessary to comprehend what three-dimensional printing has in store. Typical manufacturing procedures like injection molding have belonged to this industry. In contrast to these procedures, 3D printing gets the upper hand in several facets. Let us figure out why.

Commercial 3D Printer Benefits


The whole procedure with 3D printing ends up being elegant and vibrant. Its flexibility in attaining affordable models significantly increases the style phase. It is straightforward for style engineers to evaluate their concepts and apply them with useful prototypes.

There is no mold and mildews and components called for to make items with 3D printing. This conserves a great deal of time as well as price also.

Also, modifications and also adjustments to the versions are implemented right away. 3D printing has a much shorter lead time contrasted to other standard approaches.


Be it make or the option of products, 3D printing is very flexible in fitting customer demands. 3D printing is meaningful to digital trade. It could make the procedure customer-centric with services like print on remote printing, demand, quick electronic fabrication estimation, and others.

Excellent Quality

The high quality of 3D printed products lies in the middle range of quality outcomes from standard methods. But if you compare the setup plus construction time of a new item vs. the quality result, 3D printing is ahead of the game. Also, because any kind of change could be easily integrated electronically, fast top, quality developments can be done.


3D printing is an automatic procedure. It is easy to duplicate as well as print with precise imitation. The mistakes in 3D printing are very easy to catch and eliminate once the setups are fixed for the item.


The market for these printers is increasing. This brought down the price of 3D printers. Producers can now build or buy printers to fit their printing needs. So, there are printers for hobbyists and aerospace suppliers.


With 3D printing, waste generation is minimized for every component compared to traditional methods. The process is catered to setting preservation.

3D printing frequently evolves and solves manufacturing troubles in various domain names like drones, aerospace, farming, building, construction, etc. So, the shift to an electronic procedure like 3D printing could be a step toward the best instructions.

Production using a commercial 3D printer will undoubtedly remain to control the industrial revolution. The change from traditional procedures to electronic processes is inevitable. Automotive and aerospace firms are introducing 3D printers to develop lighter, affordable, and high-performance parts. Medical Research study is leaning toward bioprinting methods to help fight harmful illness.

5 Signs that It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Agency Melbourne

Changing from internal advertising to employing a digital company can be a substantial step. Many factors protect small and medium-sized businesses from working with a digital advertising partner, including concerns about boosted investing and reluctance to trust a 3rd party.

Although there are problems regarding dealing with a digital advertising firm, the advantages surpass the dangers, supplied you pick thoroughly.

Signs that You Need the Help of a Marketing Agency Melbourne

You Handle Everything by Yourself

As the expert in a company and its service or products, are you equally knowledgeable in internet marketing? Do not stress if that’s not the instance; you’re not alone. An excellent service, product, or team does not always indicate one is fantastic at advertising. Juggling social networks, web updates, email marketing, and all your other organization priorities might show that you’re stretching on your own too slim. Managing modifications becomes even more interesting as platforms broaden, and additions become more durable.

You are Not Planning Ahead

Thinking ahead is not appropriate for your business. Assuming short-term causes failing of campaigns and the absence of effective content. You must approach your advertising and marketing with short-term campaign goals, lasting earnings, and brand-building goals. Collaborating with a digital advertising firm would allow you to think 3, 6, and twelve months in advance.

There is a Great Decline in Leads or Sales

Have you discovered a drop in sales? If yes, it could be time to work with a marketing company to aid you in creating an inbound marketing plan. 61% of online marketers state their most significant web content obstacle is driving web traffic and producing leads. The absence of return on investment could be frustrating for your group. By partnering with an advertising company, you could create a plan that incorporates your sales development into advertising techniques that route excellent leads to your sales group. Discovering excellent leads saves time and enables your sales force to be much more reliable.

Your Website has Not been Updated

Google now gives special placing to mobile-friendly websites. That implies that a website ranges to fit desktop screens, smartphones, and tablets, providing a seamless watching experience throughout all devices the audience may be used to reach your site. If this is the case, you require a new site right now to stay competitive. If your site isn’t responsive, you are losing out– not only with Google’s ranking algorithm yet with a customer base that is a lot more digitally savvy than ever before.

You Do Not Track Your Metrics

Marketing experts examine, track, and evaluate their outcomes to identify what jobs and what does not. As a local business owner, you recognize “what obtains gauged gets improved.” But, if you don’t measure social engagement and internet site analytics, you’re missing tremendous possibilities to collect intel from your target market. If you’re not frequently tracking and analyzing how leads are concerned you and taking actions to recognize which leaders get the highest sales.

Switch from internal advertising and marketing to hiring a marketing agency Melbourne. It can be testing to let go of control, yet you’ll be happy you employed a firm to assist with the ideal partner. The key is to find an agency with staff members who are experts in their field.

Small Business Marketing Melbourne: The Role of Social Media

Small Business Marketing Melbourne: The Role of Social Media (Source: Quora)

Social media advertising is fairly self-explanatory. It is a kind of marketing on social media sites. This includes websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Utilizing social media sites for advertising and marketing typically comes under five essential parts—everything from paid marketing, managing neighborhoods, publishing, growing, and checking.

Small Business Marketing Melbourne: How Social Media can Help?

Paid Social Media Site

Marketing on social media sites is just one of the most reliable marketing approaches known to the contemporary world. Well, from a business point of view anyway. It is because your company can target a select ‘target market’ on social networks. Yes, you can comprise an ideal demographic to promote your organization to.

Community Management

Bigger brand names and organizations on social networks will certainly have ‘areas.’ What is way is that their fans and those interacting with their web page are an area. Community management entails seeing your brand name represented correctly on social media sites, communicating with customer users consistently. This can be reacting to queries, demands, and also issues. But over that, it is about making sure that your organization’s objectives align with exactly how you are utilizing social media advertising and marketing.

Social Following

You are just as good as the number of individuals that follow you. Social media customers can be fickle and follow and unfollow companies and brand names on a whim. But, to see to it you are getting to as many customers as possible, it is vital to deal with growing social following constantly. Whether through campaigns, competitions, or gifts, getting individuals aboard your brand/business on social media is vital to broadening your organization’s reach.

Social Media Monitoring

The majority of social media systems, once you sign up for an organization account, enable you to keep track of metrics and information behind your account. This is an additional vital part of social media sites advertising, as it allows you to see both what is functioning and what is not. You can see the number of followers you have gained/lost when people connect with your account and how much interaction your posts attract (sort, remarks, shares, and so on). Your company must be successful in keeping an eye on analytics since it will aid you to comprehend what your company requires to do and what it is doing well on social media.

Social Posting

Publishing on social networks is what every business must be doing. It gives you a presence, shows that you are creating material, and can help bring traffic to your internet site. If you are not offered social media advertising and marketing or do not have the budget, you should constantly publish on social networks.

Relax if you had your head spin with all of this social media site marketing info. Take a second and also offer the specialists of small business marketing Melbourne a call. Trust the experts in electronic marketing. They can use your social media marketing as part of our solution. Outsourcing is a fantastic method to see that your time is taken care of efficiently.

5 Reasons Why Jamboard App Is a Truly Collaborative App

As more companies are now relying more heavily on technology to conduct their business digitally, the Google Jamboard app is a cloud-based collaboration tool designed to help every business to keep up with such an environment.

Google Jamboard is an easy-to-use digital whiteboard for schools and businesses that allows for remote or face-to-face collaboration via desktop browser or a mobile app.

Jamboard App - Collaborative App

Here are the five reasons why the Jamboard app is considered the best business tool in team collaboration. 

Jamboard App Offers Real-Time Collaboration 

A brainstorming session is an essential activity for every business to get new business strategies and creative ideas. However, getting everyone in one place can be a little bit challenging, especially with the current work-from-home setup.

Jamboard is designed to address this challenge in this new business landscape. By using this tool, remote and real-time collaboration is made easy. With its 16 touch points at once on a single device, your entire team can collaborate and exchange ideas through their mobile device more effectively regardless of their location.

Keeps Record of Your Jam Sessions

With the traditional whiteboards, you need to screenshot some details during your brainstorming sessions to keep a record, which can be time-consuming.

But with the digital app, every jam session is recorded and automatically saved to the cloud that can be accessed by team members anytime.

Files can also be organized and downloaded as pdf to save the entire jam session making the whole team collaboration more productive with less time and effort.

Offers Endless Team Creativity

Team creativity during jam sessions is endless with Jamboard’s variety of built-in editing tools and markup features. Sticky notes are used to insert or add texts while the jam is in session instead of writing with your pen.

Photos and video clippings can be added directly from the internet or from your drive folder to make the session more creative and a lot of fun.

Simple and Easy-To-Use Interface

The app’s simple and easy interface makes it a better substitute for a traditional whiteboard. 

There is also a floating toolbar containing the pen tool, eraser, and laser tool that team members can easily locate when they want to draw or write something on the whiteboard. 

Undo and redo buttons are also available at the right bottom represented by two u-shaped arrows.

There’s also a menu option that you can tap if you want to export or share the current project or jam. 

Creates Instant Learning Environment

Limited or tight space in the office sometimes makes it impossible to host brainstorming meetings, but with jamboard, an instant learning environment is created. With its sleek and plug-and-play design, you can instantly transform any tight spaces where your team can be productive.

Overall, Google Jamboard is an efficient whiteboard app that gets the job done and improves team collaboration and creativity to new levels.

Activities Performed by a Digital Marketing Company Melbourne

online marketingThe word marketing is defined as a communication process between the target market and the prospective company offering the products. This approach was integrated to make clients aware of the product and services and enrich their expertise towards a specific brand name in a favorable manner.

Advertising and marketing companies have to make consumers know the value of the services and products and understand what the best suitable for their use is. Nowadays, the term marketing can be replaced conveniently with digital advertising because whatever nowadays can be accessed through network or net.

A digital advertising and marketing company works with the same objective as old and conventional marketers, whose focus and means of doing a task have changed a lot. They need to mind the online or web-based consumers and have to prepare techniques that are helpful for them. Adhering to are minority activities that are done by these digital advertising solutions.

Activities and Strategies of Digital Marketing Company Melbourne

Analytics Information

All the efforts of placing and preparing the tasks for the market are a waste if there is no study of tracking the right and wrong tasks. There are numerous analytics researches available to determine just how a specific website is doing online. SEO experts and web designers can research the metrics very carefully to develop a much better way to rank a site. These experts properly have the concept or understanding of analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

For a website to place in leading SERPs, it is essential to optimize the website or online service. These specialists have a possible understanding of the suitable SEO technique or practices to be carried out. They can assist in ranking a site in leading outcomes and conveniently drive even more and significant web traffic to the site. They know how search engines like Google behave and also can aid companies to fulfill their shortcomings.

search engine optimization guide

Approach for Social Media

Many people are available on the web and favor the web as a tool to employ the very best product or service from the marketplace. These strategists have a profound understanding of the numerous social takes like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter to aid organizations in quickly comprehending what ways or tactics are suitable for the particular target market online.


The product or service is a waste if it is not reaching the vast target market around the world. A digital marketing company Melbourne is not only limited to search engine optimization but will likewise run the appropriate online projects, prepare the advertising banners and promotions, and look for the best keywords or expressions usually looked at by the audiences and much more than that.

Including in the above factors, the digital marketing services are the trendsetters of today’s virtual globe and have the detailed study of exactly how clients act and respond to the planet of digitalization.

Touch Screen Monitor: Common Issues to Deal With

Touch screens have become part of our lives, but are there any typical root reasons for touch display issues that we have to prepare for? As all of us know. Many touch screens are used in the general public environment, and there are common touch display issues as a result of setting or human activities. Here are the usual touch screen issues.

No response to touch

Similar to a Pcap capacitive touch display device, in using long-term periods, because of the build-up of fixed electrical energy on the touch display or internal control circuit. When the complete gadget is filled with static electricity, it will undoubtedly affect the normal working of a touch screen if the grounding is not good, or would cause the touch screen to have a significant discrepancy or perhaps fail.

You need to switch off the power and utilize a wire to discharge the interior and external ground of the touch display. After that, we need to remove a few of the fixed electrical energy and activate the power to restart.

business & work

Hardware issue

A touch screen makes use of a serial port for signal transmission. If its indicator light is off, it means that the signal is not controlled, or the PS2 line on the control box may be broken. In case its serial port is impaired, it will create a vehicle driver which cannot be installed.

If you have this issue, that implies the interface or lead needs to be changed. If the touch screen is pressed and slightly flawed, it is because the touch area is being pressed by the display housing or the cupboard housing, which will undoubtedly cause failure to situate. The touch display cursor is constantly at a particular factor on the four sides of the display screen. You can allow the expert individuals to change the distance between the closet and the monitor screen to a bit larger to take care of it.

Other concern

If the arrow on the touch screen monitor only moves in a tiny location or the touch screen is inaccurate, then the touch display calibration program needs to run. After changing its monitor resolution, you will find that some touch screen areas could not be touched. It might be that your touch screen is broken. In this case, you need to change the touch display

Touch Screen Monitor Daily Upkeep

Water droplets, dust will undoubtedly infect the touch screen and afterward trigger the touch screen is not working. So, the touch screen additionally requires day-to-day upkeep like the standard machine. What’s much more, since the touch screen is a very integrated touch all-in-one equipment with a range of electrical devices. For that reason, great practices should be created throughout use and also maintenance, as well as some day-to-day problems must be taken notice of.

  1. Need to utilize the completely dry towel to remove the touch display before you turn on the power
  2. If there are water droplets on the touch display, it would cause the touch screen not to work. It’s since water beads, as well as fingers, have comparable characteristics. So, if you have this issue, it requires to be rubbed out.
  3. The touch screen controller could immediately establish the dirt, yet if there is way too much dust, it will certainly lower the level of sensitivity of the touch display, so we need to clean the touch display clean with a dry fabric.
  4. You need to use glass cleaner to tidy unclean fingerprints and also oil spots on the touch screen.
  5. Make use of the easiest anti-mouse modes sufficient for the application possible. Because facility settings need to give up latency and also system sources
  6. A pure touch display program does not require a mouse cursor; the cursor will make the user’s interest sidetracked
  7. Turn its power on and off purely according to the guidelines.

Digital Marketing Agency: Insider Secrets for Success

What is a digital advertising and marketing plan? The expression can imply different things to various individuals. It may mean developing an advertising and marketing preparation for representing your organization or business online in one of the most profitable ways possible with the most significant influence.

Below are some expert tricks from a digital marketing agency that any marketing expert can apply today to take their ideas, ideas, and tactics to the following level for their brand’s digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Agency Secrets

1. Explore and Evaluate

The initial step is to have an alignment conference with your team and thoroughly evaluate your existing electronic advertising and marketing projects consisting of a web website traffic audit, website audit, SEO audit, social media sites advertising and marketing audit, and e-mail advertising audit. You will need a solid groundwork of data and anecdotal details on which to develop your plan.

business analytics

2. Define

In this phase of your digital advertising and marketing strategy, you’ll want to create and record key elements of your future success, including objective statements, goals, KPIs, and target market. Drawing up your goal declaration has revealed to raise understanding and also adherence inside at most companies. As well as specifying the personalities and also situations of those concerning your website is essential.

3. Plan

Take what you’ve found out up until now in the process, as well as start determining just how to reach the audience via your given channels in a creative, strategic method. You’ll specify the campaigns you’ll be making use of in addition to the timing and tempo of each. Some instance projects could be understanding a new program making use of social media and video clips. Or a conversation campaign using information and also web page circulation revisions.

4. Create

In this action, you will figure out all the content needed for a practical digital marketing approach. You will certainly check out existing web content and determine what can be used and highlight campaigns that will require newly produced material. Web content advertising can be anything from a touchdown web page to the image to a video and also even more. You’ll additionally specify areas of particular interaction (like a survey on the internet site) and recommend the tools and applications needed to perform on them.

5. Implement

Nevertheless, essential content items are completed, it’s time to execute. Publish your videos, create and send your tweets. This is the execution stage of the plan.

6. Advertise

When all materials, devices, and submissions are implemented, it’s time to start promotion. Most promotional strategies will consist of some variant of cross-promotion. Simply put, a blog post could be advertised over LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook Advertisements. Or a Tweet can reference a video clip on YouTube while the video links to a relevant occasion. The implementation of promo can as well as need to be a cooperation with your digital firm who can also get in touch with and aid in the prep work of the promotion.

7. Maximize

Getting traffic and visibility from online search engines needs fine-tuning and alteration over time, leveraging information during the course of the projects.

The other aspects of optimization can include copywriting, enhancing the high quality of imagery, thus improving customer experience on the internet site, modifying a Twitter bio, and more.

While this is a 7-step procedure for successful internet marketing, some job and execution can be rolling over time. This makes good sense considering that some material may be simpler to create and execute than various other web content.

Where to Buy the Jamboard Home Whiteboard If You Are in Australia?

You may see yourself as having no reason to even consider that you can have a use for this wonderful piece of equipment unless you are in the teaching field or you are among the top decision-makers in a business organization.

This piece of equipment is one of the most powerful collaboration tools in the online whiteboard space today, and it is primarily designed to help improve the conduct of business meetings or presentations.

With the kind of flexibility of use that it is offering to the consuming public, the global teaching community also sees its great potential for online or distance learning, especially now that the COVID-19 scare is putting everything on a standstill, including the education sector. 

Jamboard home whiteboard is a cloud-based touch screen tool that allows the creation, planning, and implementation of groundbreaking business ideas from different members of a team, regardless of their physical location. 

online application

Why Jamboard Alternative Whiteboard is Ahead of the Competing Brands?

Designed for creativity

It comes with an overwhelming 55-inch Jamboard screen display with a 4K extension that easily qualifies it as your workplace’s creative hub. It comes with a single connection cable and a portable stand, so you can move it anywhere inside your office. 

Another innovative attribute of the Jamboard whiteboard tool is that they come with an accompanying stylus and eraser. There is no need for pairing and they don’t require any battery to use. 

 User-Friendly Interface

One of the reasons why Jamboard online is gaining good traction in the online whiteboard market is its user-friendly interface. It mimics the functionality of the traditional whiteboard and the accompanying stylus allows you to draw, write, or make annotations/notes to the pages of your Jam sessions. 

 G-Suite Integration 

You can easily import files from the Google cloud storage platform to your Jam, which puts in more value to your Jam sessions, because you can freely add any information you require, regardless of what file type they come in, to your created Jam sessions. 

With Jamboard Google’s ability to integrate into the G-Suite, you can take advantage of Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides, even PDF and image files.  

Keep and Share Ideas

The Jam sessions you created will get saved to Google Drive automatically. Besides, participants will receive their own copy of the session by email. If for whatever reason,  you need to pick or continue from where you left off, you can just get back to that particular Jam session and continue creating. 

This level of flexibility that Jamboard is offering is one of the reasons why it is also ideal for use not just in business meetings and presentations but also for distance or online learning. This holds greater relevance now that we have the COVID-19 pandemic and face-to-face learning is discouraged for the time being.  

Jamboard Google helps you to interact with your business partners, investors, or prospective clients directly, without them being in the same room or office. You can also connect to them even if they are abroad. And if you are in the teaching field, you will see how indispensable this interactive whiteboard tool is when it comes to increasing class engagement. 


To use this groundbreaking device, a G Suite plan should be in place. The Jamboard app is available for G-Suite Basic, Enterprise, and Business, for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers, and G-Suite for Education.  

As for the Jamboard app, you can use it on any smartphone or tablet device and thus allowing you to experience many of the features offered by Jamboard hardware. 

If you are a subscriber of G-Suite for Education, you are automatically eligible to purchase a Jamboard home interactive whiteboard that comes with a once-in-a-lifetime technical and management support fee payment of USD 600. This eliminates the need to worry about recurring annual fees.

If you seriously want to know how your organization can acquire this marvelous whiteboard tool, you can shoot an email to jamboard-sales@google.com to place your order, or you can reach out to your trusted reseller instead for better deals.