3 Options for Gastric Bariatric Surgery

Gastric bariatric surgery comes in three different types and which type of procedure to be performed will depend on the patient. Taking a look at each of these types will help people to have a better understanding of each of them. With advice from a doctor, it will always be possible to make the right choice in order to achieve weight loss goals.

The Three Main Types

Gastric Banding

In this type of gastric bariatric surgery, a medical device is being implanted in the stomach to make it smaller. This band is then adjusted through a port that is located below the skin. This port is implanted during the time when the surgery is done.

Weight loss happens because the patient gets forced to eat a lesser amount of food. Gastric banding is known to have less overall surgical risks. Several studies have shown that in two-year mark patients could lose as much weight with this surgery with more radical surgeries. It is also the only bariatric procedure that can be reversed.


Gastric Bypass

For this type of surgery, a portion of the stomach will be removed and the remaining portion will be reattached in the small intestine. Weight loss happens because the patient will not only have a smaller stomach, but the food bypasses a large portion of the small intestines which allows less food absorption. The risks of this procedure are much higher because of the danger of infection that is caused by leakage at the part where the small intestine and stomach are reattached.


Gastric Sleeve


For this one, a portion is the stomach is also removed to reduce the amount of food that the stomach could handle. The surgery is similar to the gastric band in a way that it also reduces the stomach size thus forcing patients to eat less. On the other hand, just like with gastric bypass surgery, the risk for leakage is possible in the surgical sites. This procedure could not be reversed.


Gathering as much information as possible about these three types of bariatric surgery is very important. People should also realize that what will work for one person may not always work for another person. Being aware of each type of surgery will lead possible patients to make more informed decisions.


Moreover, people should know that none of these three types can be considered a magic bullet in terms if curing obesity. All of them require dedications and hard work especially that there will be a set of rules to be followed in healthy eating. But, the very first step to a successful weight loss with the help of a surgical method is to investigate and check which of these types is the most appropriate considering your health and situation.


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